Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Two Week Wait

I never thought, NEVER, that I would be one of those mommy bloggers. But now I get it!

There are a bagillion zillion thoughts going through my head about my future and getting pregnant and I can't really be sharing all of this with too many friends. Yes, I tell Blake most things about how I feel and my internal struggles, but I literally had to teach him what a uterus was, like 2 weeks ago. So, I'm gettin' no constructive feedback from him. He just thinks I'm crazy and over-analyzing everything all the time, and then I remind him that I am a WOMAN. DUH, what did you think you were signing up for?!

I also tell my mom things about trying to conceive, but she really just tells me to "relax". I need answers! She hasn't been through this before, since it was super easy for her to get pregnant and her body was normal.

I have plenty of close friends, but I really only feel comfortable talking to my good friend Meghan about it. We are trying to get pregnant at the same time since she and I are besties AND our husbands are even more besties than we are. They will be living down the street from us and it would be amazing to have kids the same age!

One "problem" I guess you could call it, is that she got pregnant already! It's obviously not a problem at all, I almost cried when she told me because I was that excited! I've told her all the details about everything that's going on with my doctors appointments and such, and she's told me everything about her pregnancy so far. She's about 7 weeks right now and I hope to be right there with her soon!

So yes, I have started a blog about starting a family, but it's because I would love to meet lots of people who have been through the same thing. People who want to listen, who want to help. 

So anyway, when I left off, I was at the doctor and he was telling me that my lining was too thin. BUT that there was still a chance I could get pregnant, so we should still try. After all, I proved to him that the Clomid did work to make me ovulate, and now I just have to get that darn egg to stick.

So that night and the next night we did the deed, so that should cover us. I am hoping SO HARD that I get pregnant, but I still have so many questions. If anyone is reading this yet, maybe you can help ease my mind (or smack some sense into me) about my whole situation. I would love advice!

My questions that remain:
-My lining was 2.2 a day or so before ovulating, Does that mean it will be thicker for implantation in 5-10 days?
-But will that be thick enough?!
-If the chances were so, so low of getting pregnant, why wouldn't he cancel this Clomid cycle?
-Should I be scared of miscarriage because he didn't cancel it?
-How will injectable medication be better than Clomid? Does it even help with a thin lining?
-What can I do to thicken my lining naturally?
-Should I get a new doctor? (kind of kidding but like, should I?!)

So today is Tuesday, meaning that it's been about 3 full days (but maybe more) since ovulating. 

I'm keeping my spirits high, and my running miles low (which I'm still not happy about)!

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

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