Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life Changes List

So, this blog is called "On To The Next". I named it that because it seems like Blake and I are constantly doing things and then doing something new soon after. 

Sometimes it's weekend trips..."Well, done with that hiking trail, on to the next!"

Other times it's with a job..."Hated that career, on to the next!"

More often than not, it's a full season of some show on Netflix..."Episode 114 of Friends...on to the next!"

More often than not, it seems like things are constantly changing. I've always wanted the life I had growing up that seemed so set. Every Saturday morning my dad would bring me and my sisters to the dump (I know, it's weird how excited we were for this) and then to Dunkin' Donuts to get a treat after. Sundays were ALWAYS pizza dinners that my mom would make, and then bath time before bed. We always had a routine. And I loved that.

Since graduating from college 6 years ago, I've always struggled with a routine. Everything seemed to be all over the place; going out with friends on this night, trying to make it to the gym on that night, working late, and then a snow storm to really make things interesting. Weekends were filled with bars and Redsox games, city sleek restaurants and cocktails, but  mostly just trying to look and act grown up.

Honestly, I had it all; an apartment smack dab in the middle of Boston, a job in the travel industry that paid very well, engaged to the love of my life, and friends and family nearby. Sounds like a routine has to fit in there somewhere right? Not really. Nothing that made me truly happy where I was.

As soon as I got comfortable, I had to change it up. Why don't I just throw a wrench in literally everything and completely change my life. Ah yes! How about I quit my job, start doing something I actually like, move across the country away from everyone we know, AND force Blake to do it with me?!

Why can't I just be comfortable? Why can't I just be happy in my life and have a routine?

So, that's what we did. We moved our lives 3,000 miles away to San Diego and I became a personal trainer. We certainly did that 180 degree life change that I was craving.

Fast forward being in this amazing SoCal city for a year and a half and guess what, I'm getting too comfortable. I knew this was coming. In fact, it kind of already had hit me in November 2016, when I realized that I was bored in my job and I wanted out, and fast. I became an independent trainer, and have been doing that for almost 4 months.

But that REAL itch was to change it up even more. Again, why can't I just be happy where I am?! I fight with myself because I don't want to settle. So with that justification, I welcome the impulsive changes that I make so often.

Okay, so I'm bored because I have too much time on my hands = let's move back East, buy a house, and I'll get pregnant...like, now.

As soon as the idea is in my brain, it's set, people. So, come July, we'll be roadtrippin' back East, leaving San Diego behind. Come May, we will be closing on our first house, which actually is the house that Blake grew up in. And come, now (?) I will get pregnant. It all seems extreme, I know. But it's just me, again, having that idea that I can finally be happy and comfortable somewhere, somehow. 

Hopefully these adult changes will come easy. Hopefully we can get a mortgage with no problem, and hopefully leaving San Diego won't be the wrong decision. And hopefully getting pregnant will happen quick so everything will be perfect

That's the thing. In a child's world, everything is almost perfect, because they don't know anything about the world (I'm really only talking about my childhood self). As an adult, you learn how screwed up the world is, how things actually work, and that not everything can possibly go according to plan.

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