Wednesday, March 22, 2017

4 DPO & Bored. Horrible combo.

Hello, hello!

Today is Wednesday and it's raining out, which means my work day is non-existent! Sounds like I have a day off! But honestly I would rather be training clients on the beach, it's so much fun. We'll see if the sun comes out later and then I might be able to squeeze in a few workouts. 

Anyway, today is 4 days since ovulating. And since I have nothing big to do today, I'm of course analyzing every single thing that my body is feeling, you know, just like a normal woman who is trying to become pregnant.

I feel fine, but I have noticed some mild cramping that started yesterday and has continued to most of today so far. I'm actually really hungry, but that's ACTUALLY normal, no matter what my body is doing, unfortunately. BUT it's 11:56am, which means I get lunch in 4 minutes. It's funny how I act like I haven't been snacking all day and hit up wayyy too many Costco sample stations.

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