Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017: The Year I Will Become An Adult

Hi there, my name is Beth! 
I am 28 years old and I live in San Diego, CA with my husband, Blake. 

Blake and I have been together for almost 7 years, and after meeting in college in New Hampshire and spending 4 years in Boston together, we tied the knot on July 18th, 2015. 

Blake is my favorite person in the entire world and I am so lucky that I found him (and that he finally agreed to date me!).

I'm the kind of person who needs to plan everything and always have a schedule, even if it is five years in advance. I was always envisioning my life in the future and wanted specific things. Not everything was always clear, but even at the age of 5, I always wanted to be older! I wanted to lose my first tooth and play soccer, but I wasn't old enough. When I was 12, I just wanted to get my period or even just get my ears pierced! But I still wasn't old enough. And when I was in college and falling in love with Blake, all I wanted was to be a bride, buy a house, and have babies. BUT, I wasn't really old enough. In reality, it would be totally fine to do any of those things at a younger age, but I guess I just didn't feel like an adult.

I've never felt like marriage, being a home owner, and having kids was anything I was ready for, I still felt like I needed to be older

Well, here I am now, at 28 years old, and I'm finally old enough to do anything I WANT! I sound crazy, and I have no idea why I have always thought this way. It's probably because I care way too much about what people think. I have, for my whole life. It's not like, debilitating, or ruining my life, at all. It's just always there in my brain. I wish it wasn't!

Even when starting this blog, I was hoping no one I knew would find it. Which is so ridiculous!

Now that I'm 28, I'm finally feeling ready to do many (scary) things. And that's why I'm starting this blog; to write down everything that I'm doing as a "new" adult, and hopefully get some help and feedback from anyone who decides to read this. Because, so far my "adult" life has been so charmed, as my dad likes to call it. It honestly hasn't been that hard. It's been an exciting adventure, and I know it will continue. But, with a lot happening this year, it's going to be more difficult than ever, and I hope it's not too much to handle.

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